Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Process of Tea Thinking

I have been thinking about the following question for a while and finally decided to do something about it. The question is: "Which tea makes your process of thinking more effective?"

In this study, I am going to drink a different kind of tea everyday for four days. The teas include green, black, and white tea. To make it a fair run for each of these teas, I will maintain a healthy 7-8 hours of sleep, consume the same amount of tea, make the tea in it’s required temperature, and eat a healthy balanced breakfast every morning.

Since I’m a freshman attending college, this is a perfect set-up on experimenting which tea compliments our intellectualness the most. The factors I will follow in determining this are:

1. Enthusiasm towards the subject, if any
2. Resisting distractions
3. Being awake or not
4. Paying attention
5. Level of comprehending a lecture
6. Speed of your process of absorbing/understanding the material

I will post my results a week from now.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tea of the Month

It’s finally time for me to announce the tea of the month, the tea of February 2009. Since we’re still stuck with the nasty cold winter weather, I think most of us find our immune systems slowly failing as we start coughing our throats off. Getting sick is not something you look forward to, unless your immune system is top notch and you’re one of those who never get sick. For us normal people, I assure you that you will get get sick at least once during the winter season. Popping vitamin C pills, eating healthy, and dressing as if you were going to the North Pole just doesn’t’ seem to cut it. So what do you do? You drink tea. Now why tea and what type of tea? Well that’s why I created Tea of the Month.
The Tea of the Month of February is: 

Imperial Acai Blueberry White Tea

White tea, green Rooibos, blueberries, natural acai extract, grapes, hibiscus, beetroot, rosehips and black currants.

This tea is rich with antioxidants, very soothing, and has a fruity flavor. If you like blueberries, there’s no doubt your going to love this tea. This tea will fill your entire kitchen with an amazing, blueberry-fruity scent. The best part is that is comes with the following health benefits:

Antioxidants (strengthens your immune system and helps with metabolism.)
Hydration of the body and the skin (acts naturally to reduce the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles)
Detoxifies your body
Includes fluoride (which strengthens tooth enamel and reduces the formation of plaque)
Contains Rooibos (which helps to relieve allergies, increase iron abosorption and aids in digestion)
Has lots of vitamins and minerals, particularly Vitamin C.

This tea will definitely boost your immune system with flavor and style.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Goodbye Skin Problems, Say Hello to Green Tea

If you drink tea everyday and wonder if there are any benefits for your skin, then keep on reading!

1. Green and white tea increases antioxidant capacity of tissues, 
particularly the blood. An increase of antioxidants is a major indicator to healthy skin as well as it helps to reduce skin aging.

2. Green tea formulations reduce sun damage. Green tea helps to reduce inflammation and therefore enhances sun protection when consumed. So say goodbye to sunburns, and drink green tea!

3. The consumption of green tea will help slow down the development of signs of aging. Studies have shown that drinking 3-10 cups of green tea for a period of 8 weeks improved the elastic tissue content in the skin.

By protecting your skin from sun damage and improving the elastic tissues of your skin, green tea is not only great for a healthy complexion but protect your skin from aging.  

Other ways to benefit from green tea: Green Tea Toner:
1. Freeze freshly brewed green tea as ice cubes and use them as a toner.
2. Don't apply ice cubes to your skin right out of the freezer, let them warm up a bit to avoid a freeze burn

Fun Facts About Tea

1. Tea is the second most widely consumed beverage in the world after water. Half of the world's population drinks it either hot or cold.

2. It is the most popular and cheapest beverage, next to water, in the world.

3. Everyday, more than 2 billion men and women drink their favorite beverage, tea.

4. 5 out of 6 North Americans drink tea

5. The average North American consumes one cup of tea per day.

6. Tea's consumption will continue to increase as health-conscious consumers choose tea for its medicinal benefits.

7. Tea is a rich source of antioxidants and flavonoids which are scientifically proven to aid in the prevention of heart disease and cancer.

8. The antioxidants in two cups of black tea are equivalent to the antioxidants in one glass of red wine, seven glasses of orange juice, or 20 glasses of apple juice.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Welcome to my tea blog for you average tea drinkers out there. My goal is to make The Tea Drinker a solid and helpful blog for anyone who is interested in tea. This blog will cover the following:

1. Reviews on different brands of teas
2. Tea of the month
3. Battle of the brands
4. Health benefits
5. Fun facts about tea

I hope all you tea drinkers out there will find your way to this blog and peek in once in a while for updates