Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jasmine Tea

After much testing and analyzing, I have discovered which tea is most adequate for those who need a boost in focusing:


It relaxes you in a good way by the simple fact that is reduces stress. Ask yourself, do you find your school or job environment super stressful? If your answer is yes, like me, than I have more fun facts to share.

Jasmine is an effective anti-depressant. It triggers your brain into working in a more efficient matter, a tea that not only reduces stress but cheers you up!

Jasmine tea has a strong and flavorful scent that makes you feel good, and awake. Although Jasmine has a low amount of caffeine, I found myself awake during my super 'exciting' Economics class. That should say something. I believe it's the floral flavor and the scent that stimulates your body to focus and stay positive.

Jasmine tea is arguably the healthiest tea for you, as it is part of the green tea family that are known to boost your immune system and act as a natural sun-protector for your skin. Of all the green teas out there, Jasmine is by far my favorite tea. 


  1. Your post contains lots of useful information. I am a tea lover and do believe that tea brings lots of benefits to its drinkers. I do occasionally drink Jasmine tea as well.

  2. I've never heard anyone reveal before that Jasmine is a natural antidepressant. I'm not so sure it'd work for me though because I don't get depressed very easily ever. Personally I'm an Oolong lover though I've never compared it systematically to other kinds of teas and measured my performance. --Jason

  3. I found this page by accident, but I just have to comment that I've studied for 5 years and worked as a film and video editor for a couple of years and I think that the reason why I've been able to do all this is Jasmine tea. It really helps you concentrate! but one should also remember to take breaks from drinking it from time to time! :)

    You can also check out this tea vid I made when I visited Prague!!

  4. I'd say a good Jasmine tea is also one of the best tasting.

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  6. Thank you all for your comments, it really inspires me to continue blogging:)

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